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الأستشاره عن طريق مكالمه الفيديو
Consultation though Video Conference
Patient Name:* أسم المريض
Select Language for consultation*أختيار لغه التشخيص
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Choose a tentative date and time*اليوم و التاريخ المتوقعين
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Terms and conditions* الشروط و الاحكام
  • This service is not for applicable for EMERGENCY SERVICES.
  • Appointment timing selected during this process is only tentative. The final appointment time will be communicated by our customer care executive on the phone.
  • This service is currently available in Abeer Hospital- Ruwi, Muscat.
  • The payment made is not refundable.
  • The virtual consultation will be made through an online application which is available in the country.
  • Your voice and video discussion with the doctor will be discrete and all confidentiality and patient privacy will be maintained.
  • By scheduling an appointment with the clinician you are by default signing consent for the doctor for deciding the treatment.
  • Treatment by the doctor is purely based on the clinical history elaborated by you during the virtual consultation.
  • Pharmacy prescriptions will be provided to the patients through electronic platform only to the contact details provided in the appointment request or while collecting medicines from Abeer Hospital Pharmacy.
  • This service is currently not covered by Insurance or any other credit services.
  • Abeer Hospital reserves all rights to reschedule and cancel appointments.
  • Abeer Hospital reserves the right to improvise or change the terms and conditions without prior information.
  • There will be no free follow up.

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